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ú% nicole pounds our areaa you got toobe prepared for something like this. how much rain you can expec3 in your neighborhood and what3 you need to know to get through your morning commute. i guess i helped paa for that, huh. almost 30 grand on an office makeover. how the money was spend without approval and proposed law that even easier. good morniig. it's hursdayy september 30th. i'm patrice harris. remnnntt of tropical storm 96 region. we have weatter coverage of that
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system. %-safe.ther team is keeping you emily grace is out there and followinggthe storm here in our studio. %-good morning, steve.ú%th3 >> reporttr: good morning, patrice. have nicoll oot there.weedon't a watch where we earlier had a ú%rnado warning that expirrd at 4:30 this morning. now the tornado watch continues until 1:00 at the eastern shore. you will see the heaviest rain to the south. we're getting closer now and show you exactly where we're seeing theeheaviest rain. you can see toward annapolis ii fact ann we will gettcloserú still, you will see the heavvest rain, and that indicated by the annapoois area as well, and those arees will continue to the areas that you see here in we will ccntinue to see heavy ddwnpours throughout he area through the morning ann throogh the day.
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we will get a wide ssreen3 picture and show you other areas %-you caany pleety of up toward ú%e northeast part of the state. up ii cecil county,,seeing heavy rain and where it's heavy next we will see the showers mmving toward the north and west. while we are not seeing any cities in the hhavy downpours, we willldefinitely see that movement to the north and west throughout the morning and we will continue to watch that through the afternoon. -s mucas far as how much rain we -icking uppann somm areas seeing we pick up an nch, and down in baltimore as a half an inch you3 ú%e to the ssuth areas movingg3 further north and less amounns to the west. we are going to dd to the much as, -4 inches of rain iiú ú%aces. in the northeast part of theatch flash-flood wwrning and a windhe
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advisory inn he northeasttpart bay ttward calvert county where we haddthe early tornado warnings and up towaad pg countt and nne arundel county as you3 see there. the wind will be a factor and the eav heavy downpours will continue and we will bring it through the afternoon nd evening long.3 because it's going to continue for some long. -auren cooke with the traffic edge. a busy morning coming up. steve.orter: busy morning, the rain is having an impact on ttouble in howard county where we arr deallng with a crashú along interstate 70. it has been shutdown the eastbound lane beeween columbia ridge. two accidents on the 83, one ú%ong thh southhound lanes t timmnium road and another at the
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beltway. we do have trouble on the top side where we're dealing with a policeeinvolved accident along the outer loop at greenspring avenue. ii you're traveling at harford rrad, it's really raining out there. do expect reduced visibility and %-possible.eeds if you at t all if you're traveling on 95, we do have an accident in whitemarsh ú%at is blocking one southbound lane there at hitemarsh3 boulevard and another p in halfty grace riiht at the southbound lanes at route 155. ii's a busy mmrning full of accidents. that's a look at the traffic edge. patrice, back to yyu. with more than five inches of rain expected in some parts of our state, governor o'malley has activated, maryland's emergency management center. in addition to the rain, high wwnds are expecceddwhich could floodinn. in baltimore crews spent a lot of time on wednesday, clearing
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storm drains keeping water levels under ccntrol. there's 2,000 storm drains across thh city. even though not alllhad to be cleared, the team has five teams to tackle the ones that did. >> i feel bad that these guys have to work so hard tooclear these drains. ii we could get people to stoo throwing trash, they wwuldn't wash into the drains and we wouldn'tthave to worry about itú >> stay tuned for, for 45 morning news for continuing we will talk tt an official from the maryland emergency managementtagency about how they -repared for the storm. thhttis coming up n our 7:00 hour. %-deaths in jamaica including a child when floodwaters swept away a home. the storm swwpt through the %-bringing down ridges.wer and toll could increase because of
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flash floods and muddlides. again there's a tornadoo watchhin effect in the followiig counties until 1:00 this afternoon.3 anne arundel, baltimore county, baltimore city, carroll, carry owe line. charles, dorchester, oward, kent, montgomery, prince geerge's queen annn somerset, talbot,,wacomico and worcester countiis. a toonado watch in those countiis. police learned offthe incident around 11:30 last night after the victim walked nto a local hospital. he said he was hot on gorman avenue at cold spring lane. there's no word on his condition at this time. anne rundel police investigateea double stabbing in annapolis, hhppened at 11:15 at 4th street. officers say a man wws rushed to a loccl hospital. police are still lookinggfor
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suspects. the family of a baltimore county man killed one year agoo3 today is fighting to keep hhs memory alive. held at striiker street in honor raady lewis senior. he was found stabbed to death in september.l's townhome last police still haven't made any arrest. the driver of a charter bus is killed when the bus plunges off the washington beltway and falls 45 feee on tt the interstate 270 in montgomery county. investigators arr still trying to figure out why it happened. the scene at 4:00 yesterday3 ú%ternoon. the 40 passsngers were returning ú%om a trip to the national zoo, when the buu ent through the goraa rai!uardrail and slipped e -efore hitting the bottom of the 40-foot embankment. the driver of the bus died at
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scene. 12 others were hurt including a driver on 270 whose car waa hit by a light poll knocked by the3 acciient. life-threatening. >> his is unusual. we have seen bus accidents before. all of them pose their special problem but this is different. >> the pennsylvania bus line company that owns tth bus received a satisfactorily rating the ntsb is investigatinn the crash. two balttmore ccunty men are arrested and charged ca with killing their roommate. the men killed jose rammrez whose body was foond lyinggalong stone gate court in cockeysville on monday night. all three got into an argument which turned physiial. ramirez was hit in the head. thh sussects arr being hhll -ithouttbail. closing arguments are expected to morning in the trial of three men accused of killing
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former ouncilman kenttharris. prosecutors have dropped first-degree muuder chhrges against the defendants. instead they're pursuing a lesser felony murder charge. the trial ttrts oday for the mannaccused of beating his 3 tyrone is facing charges of first-degree murder and child abuse. he killed his daaghter melanie in april. he beat her with a belt because she didn't listen to hhm when he the houue. she later died at john hopkins. ceeil county to help usher tteú he is expected to take part in the official ribbon cutting in -he hollyyood casino. officiaas will announce the nnmber of visitors have visited ú%e kass ino!! casino since it n
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monday. coming up on the early edition, major changes in the >> ttis will allow teechers to have some real input. the nee criteria that will determine pay raises? and copious amounts of rainfall in the neighborhood the remnants of tropical
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storm nicole are beaarng downni3 parts of baltiiore his morninn. fells point with the watches and the warnings. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good mooring, patrice. we're seeing flooding here at fells point and you weeare on the street and water is starting to ccme p. %nd this thing is nowhere near
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and warnings all over the immediate tte area. the immediaae one is the tornado watch that s in effect for all of the couuniee around oor area rrght now. that could be until this afternoon that the tornados could be a threaa for ur area, just one of the side effects of other thing is we are seeingg!!e flooding here on the streets and a flash-flood watch in effect through this evening. we will continue to see the rain ú%ening, all the way even until ttnight is possible. this moisture eetendd to the ddaling with today is the winds. ú%ese arr tropical winds that wind adviiory for coastal counties asswell. not onlyy re we ddaling with the threat of sevvre weather, the flooding but the wi wind is goig on in fells point and floodinn
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all over the placc, anywhhre %-localizzd amountssup to six inches of rain. that is quite a bit of rainnand that moisture extending well to the south. -e still have 12 more hours of rain it looks like.3 steee, definittly an issue as far as the tornado watch. >> that system to the outh tropical storm but it's going to %-yoo are talking aaout as a lo. it's going to sttengthen as it develops down toward the carolinas. -d liedning indiiating that there's lightning strikes hhaded to the northh.3 that will continue to be the -ase headed further north as we move here. as ww take a look at hd radar and we get a closer view, we ar3 going to get closer to how you %-heaviest, and you will see tht we et closer than that, toward3 the heaviest rain right now.ú of again that rain you see to the
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south, that whole area you see in the orange, and a lot of places throughouu thh arra,, seeing the oranges ouu there. that is going to be moving it looks ike to the north and ú%st. expect a lot of theerain moving north and west and headed tooard the general harbor, laaer than 5:31. youusee that these are not cells as they are heavy reas hat i want to show you moving to the north. we are going to continue to watch this throogh the ddy, because more rain is coming your %-to move south and orth.tinues we check t out, which shows you storms. you will see some the strong ú%orms to the ssuth. and see how high he clouds are, 20-foot tops. storm?ú%terms of severe weathhrs bringing us a lot of rain first of all letts show how much rain. i want to show that, too. because the rain is falling the heaviest to the south, almost twooinches further outh to virginia but moving ttwardú baltimore. we are going to add to those ú%anninch of rain a lot less. of
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anddbut we will be adding througg he day, you can be moisture so the way. take a look at on thh south, alú throuuh the carrlinas, it'' going to continne to stream up3 out of thaa wayy ú%%-as emmly was saying as muchs 3-5 inches of rain it looksslike in the afternoon as indicated in our prrdicted rainfall model. we will ontinue to ee the rain falling heavy indicated y the you see by 5:00 you see it move back. %-up and it makes it for moreing unstable air. the rain continues to be concenttateddtoward the east and overnight period tonight and it low pressure coming up theniigg ccast. there's a stationary boundary off the eesttrn ssaboard and allowing the low travel up and -- it's also going to help allow
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ú%pport it with upper level winds that are going to help bring us all of this tropical moisttre our way. weehave a lot yet to go with temperatuues in the low 70s right now. warmmenoughh objec obviously, 76 degrees ssould do ii, aad wiidy gusts up to 40 miles per hour. toniggh 51 degrees and southwest wind at 10-20. tomorrow, 733degrees, partly cloudy, eekend cooler but sunnier, and the clouds moving in late sunday inno monday. 64 and ssill not bad. 68 on thursday, and 70 degrres thursday. ú%st this, back to you, pattice? you can track the storr down to your neighborhood. fox 45 iradar is availaale at track tte rain down to your street. just go to3 are. speaakng of the streets we
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needdto get aachhck on the roodways. laurenncooke is here with the roodways. >> reporter:: we are dealing if you're traveeing on downtown baltimore,,we have a car that stuck in theewater a patapsco %-meggn gilliland will ring yo live report from theearea in a few minutes. we are dealing a rash on the look.staae 0 as we take a live it's going to be shutdown between columbia pike and the -atapsco river bridge. traffic is being diverted to the southbound lanes of columbia ppke, or you can use route 40 as an alternate. %-and it's going to be shutdown until 8:00 a.m. another the obbect lanes at theú beltway. if you are raveling the topúú%e involved accident right the at ú%e ouuer loop at greenspriig avenue. as we ttke a looo at the parkville area, cars are moving along but not assfast as usual. do reduce yourrspeeds if at all poossble.
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we are dealing with reduuedú visibility that rain is comingú down hard. southbound llnes.ents along the3 -t's blocking one lane at that's a look the traffic..3 pptrice, back to you. %-clearing of getting into thee3 housing market. the incentives that might make it surprrsing. this will allow teachers to hhve some real immut n!! [ dog barking ] mom!
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inside and there's a major change coming to the way baltimore teachers get paid. right now teachers receive autooatic pay increases knownnas checks.ú but as karen parks reports, once a cootract is signed, teachers will get ppid for what they do inside nd outside of the classroom. >> a quiet stormmof in baltimore. it's a quiet storm promises to rock the boaa. teachy evaluation and evidence
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of poffssional growth..3 >> the new contract provides opportunities to imppct the3 teaching profession and thisúú%l iiput and a voice on how they advance in their career. >> in years past, the teachers were paid oo theeyears of exxerience and the degrees they obtained and receiiee pay increases known as steps. >> we need to evaluate teachersú -igorously. i thiik ttat tte teachers believe that he profession should be about the eople that are effective. if people are not effectivv in terms of helping ids and working with other teachers, you profession, think, thaa, they should think of other things to doo >> f the students don't perforú despite your efforts ittdoesn't bode well for you. it doesn't work in your favor..3 %-increasinggmy knowledge, bbcae i teach special ed. >> after more than 100years in the system liss mitccell agrees
5:23 am
%-for tte other shoe to drop.ts the finallffllout? is this theebeginning of something else? >> reporter: kaaen parks, fox ú% morning news. city school ceo drr andres -lonzz says experieece won't be3 overlooked. he says everybody wiil make more. ttey need to recognize the eepprienne people have had in the past.ú as for new teachers, the starting salary increases from $41,000 a year to $46,000. thht's the higgest n the state. coming up later on the early edition, the new pool shows likely voters favor goverror o'malley. how his opponent is responding to the nuubbrs.3 but next, bring on
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later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched. even with low mortgages
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people are still staying away from buying property. department store chain kohl ii offering new disccunts and new jobs. we have more in the businnss report. ell, mortgage rates still falling for tte 4th straight weekk even with rates of historic low, refinancing action dropping to a 7 week low. a pretty quiet day ffr stocks. the nasdaq and s&p losiig a %-more of the money it spend on the bail out. the treasury department starting to seel mmre than $2 billion of ciii grouppstock it owned. up more of them.l's is serving the departmeet store ccain of them opening up 21 new stores n 50 states, crrating 3,000.
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>>jobs. kohl's adding 1,000 jobs as pprr of its customer service unii..3 ú-video games in 3-d?nintenno until after the holidayss a 3d ersiin of the handheld system is coming next february. that is business. coming up preparing for a ♪
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welcomm back to fox 45 early editioo. 5:29 now and i'm patrice harris. the renationalities of remnl stormmnicole is going throogh our region. and emily gracie is covering the latest storm conditions and flood watches aad getting poured on in the meantime. is tracking the storm down tog your neighborhood with the power raindrops. -nd the lauren cooke will bring you the iggest trouble spots in the mooning commute. that is coming uppin

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